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Accurate, Reliable, Professional Translation & Transcription Services

The solution chosen by medical professionals, students, researchers, lawyers, insurers, and more, Transcription Hub prides itself on delivering fast, accurate transcriptions of your audio or video content starting at just $0.75 per minute.

Compliant, discreet, and professional, working with Transcription Hub is as easy as dragging and dropping your file into our online uploader and waiting for delivery. Backed by patent pending hybrid speech to text technology, your transcription project can be completed and returned to you faster and accurate than ever before.

Learn more about our services or get started with Transcription Hub today by using our online uploader for fast and secure delivery in as little as 24 hours - guaranteed!

Our Services

Transcription Services: At Transcription Hub, all our transcription projects are handled by professional human transcribers. We specialize in transcription services for academia, legal professions, healthcare, media, government, businesses, and more.

No matter your business or area of expertise, Transcription Hub provides fast, accurate transcripts of meetings, conferences, interviews, videos, and much more.

Translation Services: We employ multilingual transcribers for our translation projects with experience providing text-to-text, audio-to-text, or verbatim translations in 35+ of languages starting at just $0.08 per word.

Subtitle and Captioning Services: Growing in importance thanks to the onset of YouTube and the growing importance of ADA-compliance online, having a video without an accompanying text transcription means you’re severely limiting your potential audience. Transcription Hub has extensive experience transcribing and translating videos into readable, searchable text documents for many formats.

Competitively priced and with final accuracy reaching 99.9%, Transcription Hubs subtitling and captioning services can be delivered in multiple formats, languages, and within specific time frames.

Research and Academics Transcription: Transcription Hub assists researchers, students, and teachers translate their recorded materials to quantitative text, making it easier to find and analyze data when it's needed most. We offer discounted pricing for academies

Medical Transcription: Our experienced, professional medical transcribers ensure HIPAA-compliance for accuracy and confidentiality - satisfaction guaranteed. For convenience, Transcription Hub provides a toll-free phone-in dictation system to physician. Try our 15 days free Medical Transcription Services.

Legal and Law Enforcement Transcription: Lawyers, law enforcement officials, and private detectives trust Transcription Hub for professional transcriptions of case files, recorded interviews, and taped depositions.