Especially for those with strong communication skills, seeking a flexible, beneficial and rewarding career is high atop their “must-haves” when considering their professional futures. While these aren’t exclusive to people with strong writing and listening abilities, studies show that good communicators within a workplace or organization have a better opportunity to advance in their careers and earn more money than their counterparts.

For these reasons and many more, considering a career as a professional transcriptionist has become more and more attractive - especially those who wish to work at their own pace, control the amount of work they take on, and work within their own busy schedules. If you’re considering a job as a professional transcriptionist, consider the following benefits before you throw your hat in the ring.

Perfect for Those with Families

For busy moms or dads, you know the pull between focusing on your career and spending quality time with...

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Video transcription and subtitles shouldn’t be alien to any business or organization. The need to meet accessibility standards is crucial, but there’s another major benefit to adding written transcriptions of your company’s marketing, informational, and educational video materials.

In the digital marketing world, Google is king. Ensuring your future customers and clients can find your company using the search engine giant is the number one most important factor with a bullet. Google, however, isn’t as sophisticated as many people give it credit. Since the famed Pagerank algorithm was introduced, it’s focused mainly on the written word and number of references (citations in the education world; links in the digital one) in order to ensure its users find the best result for their search query.

As the Internet evolved and connection speeds increased, video platforms like YouTube (now owned by Google) began to take off, but search engines have been slow to adapt their...

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