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10 Top Benefits of Starting a Career as a Professional Transcriptionist

Especially for those with strong communication skills, seeking a flexible, beneficial and rewarding career is high atop their “must-haves” when considering their professional futures. While these aren’t exclusive to people with strong writing and listening abilities, studies show that good communicators within a workplace or organization have a better opportunity to advance in their careers and earn more money than their counterparts.

For these reasons and many more, considering a career as a professional transcriptionist has become more and more attractive - especially those who wish to work at their own pace, control the amount of work they take on, and work within their own busy schedules. If you’re considering a job as a professional transcriptionist, consider the following benefits before you throw your hat in the ring.

Perfect for Those with Families

For busy moms or dads, you know the pull between focusing on your career and spending quality time with your family while they’re still young and energetic. Having children is one of the most crucial moments a person can make in their lives, so for many, having one parent stay home to ensure the children receive the best care possible is a popular option for young parents. By choosing a career in the transcription field, you can choose your own hours and pause your work as necessary to ensure your children are cared for.

Supplement Your Income

For those working multiple jobs or are satisfied with their careers but are willing to work extra hours to earn more money, working as a part-time transcriptionist can help supplement your household income while your partner or spouse pursues a full-time career.

Post-recession blues continue to affect many. Whether its pay cuts, reduced hours, or layoffs that have affected your household, working as a transcriptionist allows for talented people to augment their income and take on as many projects as they need or want.

Work from Anywhere

A huge benefit of working remotely is that you can work from anywhere. Whether that means in the center of a major city, a rural town with a rebounding economy, or from wherever your travel bug may take you, working as a professional transcriptionist affords you incredible freedom both in your career and personal life. Whether you’re a military spouse that takes you around the world at a moment’s notice, a student seeking adventure in your youth, or simply have a steady internet connection and are willing to work hard, you’ve got an amazing opportunity to earn money and build your career no matter where you happen to be.

Improve Your Productivity

Studies show that the happier you are, the more productive you are. The more productive you are, the happier you are. It’s a paradox, but it’s one worth striving for. And for those who choose to work from home, there’s evidence that this very fact tends to improve their happiness, therefore increasing their productivity. And while working from the same place you eat, sleep, and play in may detract from your enjoyment at home, there are plenty of methods by which to limit your distractions and help improve your focus and concentrations while working from the place you feel most comfortable.

Choose Your Own Schedule

Going hand-in-hand with balancing home life and your work versus increasing your productivity, working as a professional transcriptionist can be extremely beneficial for those with busy or eclectic schedules. And for those who tend to work better in the mornings, late afternoons, or deep into the night, working as a professional transcriptionist affords you incredible flexibility in your schedule to ensure you can always find time to get your work done. While there are certainly hard deadlines with transcription jobs, finding time within your day to complete your work and care for the other aspects of your life.

Low Barrier to Entry

While it’s true that transcription jobs require excellent communication, listening, and writing skills, having those in your back pocket can make you a perfect fit for a career as a professional transcriptionist. Attention to detail, adherence to deadlines, and a commitment to high-quality final products all go a long way toward making you a viable candidate for a transcription job with a third-party provider or in-house position. Just be ready to work.

Utilize Modern Technology

Modern transcriptionists rely on advanced technology and equipment to facilitate their daily work, allowing incredible opportunity to learn and master new and emerging tech solutions and software. While they’re certainly specialized and don’t apply to many other purposes, having the ability to learn and grow alongside advancing technology can be a very rewarding experience for those hungry to learn and eager to stay atop the latest tech trends.

High Demand for Qualified Workers

While there are plenty of people working in the transcription field, there’s always demand for high-quality, dedicated workers who take their work seriously and hit deadlines every time. If you’re a serious applicant, you’ll show an eagerness to learn, commitment to timely returns, and consistency in your work. These factors aren’t exclusive to the transcription world, but they’re major motivating factors when managers and supervisors consider new applicants to their firms. Take the time to investigate and learn more about professional transcription work in order to make your resume stick when it comes to an interview or trial run on a project.

Specialized Work with Higher Salaries

For those with medical or legal experience, you’ll be a much more attractive candidate for transcription companies seeking additional help. Because of the specialized and sensitive nature of the work involved, anyone seeking employment as a professional transcriptionist will have a significant leg up on the competition when applying for high-level transcription work in the legal or medical fields.

Simple Application and Certification Process

While basic transcription tasks don’t require much more than your standard equipment, technology, training, and can-do mentality, specialized fields such as legal or medical transcription services warrant and require a higher degree of training and certification. For those so inclined to advance in this rewarding career path, professional certification and education programs award graduates with more than an extra bullet on their resumes - they open up far more doors and demand a higher compensation rate for the valuable work they do. While medical transcription certifications require between 6 months to five years of training depending on the level of education they wish to complete, the process is straightforward and familiar for those with secondary or post-secondary degrees.

No matter your skill level or expertise, Transcription Hub is always looking for qualified transcriptionists to help tackle our extensive and wide-ranging projects. If you're interested in applying for a job with Transcription Hub and achieve the flexibility and freedom you've always desired, contact us here for more information about the application process and start your journey toward becoming a professional transcriptionist today.